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Judy De Wit is a clear and concise writer with years of experience in advocacy on behalf of the abused in the church. In this book she captures the essence of what spiritual abuse is—unbalanced leadership. It is leadership that is either lacking in the heart or lacking Christian standards. The healthy and spiritually rich church has both and is humble and transparent as well. This book is laden with great examples of healthy and unhealthy leadership behavior, which brings back memories of similar experiences in our own lives.

Rev. Ladan Jennings
Mill Creek Community Church (CRC)
Mill Creek, Washington

This book is about more than raising healthy children. It is also about being a healthy adult. Each of us has been affected by rigid and chaotic parenting directly or indirectly, within family or outside of it. How You Became You helps good parents become smarter parents, while equipping every reader with the basis of understanding that is necessary to truly be an agent of restoration in God’s world.

Scott and Janice VanderKooy
Worldwide Christian Schools

Revenge may seem sweet but only true forgiveness can bring lasting peace. Judy De Wit reminds us  that hope for the future is found when we deal with the hurts of the past. The pain of abuse is found in every corner of the church. When church leaders abuse, trust is shattered. When the healers bring hurt, lives are devastated.  Healing comes in forgiveness. Judy walks the reader from the depths of the pain to the joy of freedom in Christ who died to make forgiveness possible.

Rev. Jerry Dykstra
Former Executive Director of the Christian Reformed Church

No one in church leadership wants to deal with moral failure or abuses.  Too often leaders run the risk of doing more harm than good when they react to such situations.  Ms. De Wit has learned through multiple exposures to painful situations what dangers lurk when obeying Christ’s mandate to care for our people.  Learning from her may enable the reader to take the best road through this wilderness.

Rev. Nils C. Friberg, PhD
Co-author with Dr. Mark Laaser of Before the Fall:  Preventing Pastoral Sexual Misconduct


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